Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some Art History Investigations

This is a very large image and the full-size image of this timeline can be viewed here to be examined.

Out of curiosity in how many of the traditional figurative painters of the past were connected to 21st century traditional artists through the exchange of techniques and information, I did some research and made the bulk of this illustrated timeline in 2012. Although a lot of artists are mentioned in this timeline, there are many great and notable artists that I was not able to include in this timeline.  (For no reason other than that my research and time was limited). This timeline investigation extends to the early 21st century with some notable artists who have taught many other notable 21st century artists who are currently exchanging valuable techniques and information to others in-person and digitally in this contemporary age.

To name a few of those artists, Jacob Collins (founder of the Grand Central Atelier), Anthony Ryder (founder of the Ryder Studio School) , Nicole Michelle Tully and Tim Stotz (founders of Studio Escalier ) were some of the students of Ted Seth Jacobs.  Michael John Angel (founder of Angel Academy of Art) was a student of Pietro Annigoni.  Daniel Graves (founder of the Florence Academy of Art) was a student of Richard Lack and also associated with Pietro Annigoni.  Nelson Shanks (founder of Studio Incamminati) was a student of Pietro Annigoni and John Koch.  Graydon Parrish was a student of Michael Aviano.  There are many other notable artists that I was not able to include in this list (for no other reason than that my research and time was limited).

I am presenting this art history timeline investigation to possibly receive information on how Squarcione, Verrocchio and Giotto may be connected.  My resources for this timeline consisted of museum websites, artist biographies, Wikipedia and the Art Renewal Center website.   If there are any art historians or people familiar with art history that would be willing to respond to my inquiries it would be very helpful. Thanks.

Another useful art history reference to look at is Tim Stotz's Flowering Staircase Diagram.


Mariana said...

Wonderful¡ Thanks for sharing.

Arthur Haywood said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Mariana, I really appreciate your encouragement! And thanks for taking a look.