Saturday, April 30, 2022

Mural for St.Jospeh's University


Thank you so much to Global Philadelphia Association and Saint Joseph’s University for hosting a mural unveiling last week and to those who could attend. I am so honored to have a mural at St. Joseph’s University. The mural is located at the science center. 

SJU Science Center (5600 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395). 

The 10 x 10 foot mural highlights the magic of learning and appreciation of the environment. A mother earth figure stands with a book as green energy from the book fills the air.  Students who surround the reader look up at the sky in appreciation of this energy, which represents the environment. The student on the right includes Miles Smith, an SJU alumni.

The mural was created as part of the Philadelphia Global Association’s sustainable development goals campaign, with this piece celebrating quality education. A the mural by Isabella Akhtarshenas at Samuel Gompers School, adjacent to campus, was also created as part of this sustainable development goal project. I hope this mural inspires students to dive into the magic of learning and believe in their imagination. This piece is a part of a set of Sustainable Development Goals that practiced in unison will positively influence our future.

Although I was creating a mural in Paris and not able to attend the unveiling, many thanks to my dad, Senator Art Haywood and mom Julie Haywood for being able to attend and also share some remarks in my place.

Thank you for the kind remarks from Zabeth Teelucksingh  (Global Philadelphia Association Executive Director), James O’Sullivan ( Saint Joseph’s Assistant Professor of Social Ethics)  , Jay Carter ( Interim Dean at Saint Joseph's College of Arts and Sciences), Sheila Hess (City representative for Philadelphia mayor) and Rob McNeill (Global Philadelphia Board Chair).