Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peggy Shepard

This is a portrait of another notable environmentalist named Peggy Shepard.  She has been a huge advocate for reducing air pollution in urban New York City.  Her organization WE ACT for Environmental Justice is helping to create a healthier environment amongst the urban population.
      This is the last final illustration that I plan to make for a while.  I am dedicating at least the next 4.75 years of my life to the study of classical drawing and painting and plan to pursue an illustration career after my atelier education is complete.  I am currently working on my portfolio for application to The Grand Central Academy of Art and will remain focused on the study of classical drawing and painting until my atelier training is completed. This is the method that trained the artists that I admire and I must focus on the technical skills that are most essential to the creation of effective traditional art.