Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anatomy studies

Here are images of some anatomy studies that I made for my figure drawing class during the fall semester.  These drawings were copies from anatomy books.  All of the skeleton drawings were from Joseph Sheppard's anatomy book.  Since I had to complete a drawing of the anterior, posterior and lateral view of each anatomical form on a weekly basis, FOR ALL OF THESE DRAWINGS (except for the self-portrait) I TRACED THE CONTOUR AND INSIDE LANDMARKS.  After that I just copied the anatomical forms. All Anterior, Posterior and Lateral views of the anatomy are drawn with charcoal and white charcoal on 18x24 pieces of paper.  Because my camera is bad, I took detail shots of each larger drawing.  I was surprised to find out that the major anatomical forms are not that hard to memorize but I still must practice.

Skull Studies


Arm/Hand Bones

Bones of the Leg and Foot



Muscles of The Trunk

Muscles of The Lower Extremity

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